The Hidden Secret
To Social Selling

How To Use Sales Psychology To Close More Clients


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Hi, I'm Kendrick.
International sales authority, creator of the Authentic Selling®️ process and the founder of Authentic Selling®️ University.

Looking for something new or different to use to close more clients?  

Feel like you’ve heard it and tried it all before?

As sure as my hair is red you’ve not tried this!  

How can I be so sure?  

Because this is the exact social selling system I created after 10 years as a top-performing sales rep for 3 fortune 500 companies.

It works. AND.... It will work for you.

“Once in a blue moon does someone come along who is not only a top practitioner of a certain skill set, but a great teacher of it, as well. Such a person is my dear friend and colleague, Kendrick Shope.

Not only has she helped countless thousands of women (and a lot of men) to dramatically increase their sales results, she shows how to do it in such a way that it’s absolutely and totally congruent with one’s highest values.

On a personal note, I utilized Kendrick as my sales coach and she showed this 62 year old, 40 year sales veteran things that made me wish that…well, that I’d known about her 40 years ago. (The fact that she hadn’t been born yet is beside the point.) ;-)

If you are looking to take your sales career or entrepreneurial venture to heights of of profitability you may never have before imagined, and have a lot more fun (and a lot less stress!) in doing so, Kendrick is — without doubt — the one who can help you get there.
She truly IS ‘The Female Face of Selling’”…and for good reason!”

Coauthor of The Go-Giver and author of Endless Referrals

you need to

Understand how to apply sales psychology to all of your content to close more customers.

Once you understand this you will immediately be able to apply to your:

Sales Funnels & Social Media

All of this means you have what you need to...

Grow your followers

Get noticed by your customers

Close more sales on social media

​Create sales emails that convert like magic

"I just booked two of the biggest packages I’ve ever sold."

After working behind the scenes of some of our industry’s most successful launches I can tell you this is the Authentic Selling® secret that has allowed industry leaders to:

  • Double sales
  • ​Convert at 5x the industry average
  • Feel the pride that comes from sold-out launches and courses

One of my core values is integrity. I make big promises and we deliver on them. 

This is one of the most popular classes inside of Authentic Selling® University and I’m giving you access today for FREE.

In the past, I have charged as much as $2k for this information but you can get it for FREE!

  • "I have already made $20k from my $2k investment."
  • "For real one of the best investments, I have made in the last seven-years."
  • "I’m booked out until April 2021."
  • "​I got 90 new leads from 1 social media post and I only have 20 people on my email list."

Show up and get what you need to close more sales now. It’s just that simple.

See you there. I believe in you and I believe in your business.

"Two wins: I (FINALLY) hit 250 subscribers on my mailing list AND woke up this morning to the first sale of The Well Planned Planner!"
"My list has grown over 700%"
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